Tuesday, 2 August 2011

You might think he's quackers...

If a young boy aged 7 asked you to guess his favourite animal you might say shark, or tiger, or dragon... If you were to ask my youngest brother he would say 'a duck'. Not a monsterous duck with a beak the size of a double decker bus... not an evil duck with glowing red eyes... Just your average pond duck.
This was his 7th birthday cake. It is a lemon drizzle sponge covered with lemon butter cream icing. I coloured white royal icing with orange colouring to make the feet, eyes, hair and wings. I made the head by baking some of the cake mix in a large muffin tin. I then attached it to the body with icing and iced again so it looked as if it was all one piece!
All kids (and grown-ups!) love candles so I found these mini duckling candles on ebay and added a large no.7 candle for a bit of extra birthday oomph!

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