Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A cake fit for a princess!

Everyone would like to be treated like royalty at least one time in the year.. so why not on their birthday!
Key ingredients for this cake: 2 sponge cakes baked in round tins, 1 sponge cake baked in a deep Pyrex bowl, a lot of butter and a lot of icing sugar, and... a Barbie!
Yup, you guessed it, there is a real Barbie inside this cake!

Key tip: wrap the doll tightly in cling film before you put her in the cake.. this way the birthday girl has a keep sake also! It also helps to wrap her whole head and hair in cling film too whilst you're icing as it can get everywhere!
The bodice is just pink butter cream icing applied with a spatula. I then used the back of a teaspoon to add the swirl effects. The doll had a purple glittery bodice but I wanted all pink so I used a piping bag and a very small nozzle to pipe little stars all over her bodice. I also gave her some straps too!
I added white flowers but you could add anything from sugar strands to silver balls - the possibilities are endless!

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