Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Every woman's dream: a bag and a cake for your birthday- in one!

A Paul's Boutique Bag Cake
This cake was a much planned surprise for one of my best friends older sister. It took hours- and I mean hours- partly because we ran out of icing and partly because of the intense structural planning it required!
The cake was based on a purple zebra striped Pauls Boutique bag that we had seen and knew the birthday girl was especially fond of!
The sponge is a rich chocolate and the icing is white royal icing with purple fondant. 
To make the lock look realistically gold I used gold lustre dust. It is very fine and needs to be painted on with a paintbrush but it gives a wonderful effect!
As it was a surprise cake for a friend I won't give too many more details away..

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