Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Who needs alcohol when you've got cupcakes at parties?

It's  not often I need an excuse to get the girls over.. but the arrival of my new piping bag was exactly that!
Who would have thought a night of cupcakes and Wii 'Just Dance 2' would be such a great night!? We did!
The sponge is just a plain vanilla and the icing is coloured butter cream. I then used a medium sized star nozzle on my first piping bag which I filled with yellow icing. Always pipe from the inside out to get a neater finish. I then filled around the edges with my second piping bag, filled with green icing, and then sprinkled some sugar strands on.
Key tip: the little icing flower (shop bought this time) may look pretty but it also serves a technical role: it covers the join when the green icing starts and begins! Who would have known...

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