Tuesday, 2 August 2011

One way to impress your other half...

Its well known that men are hard to buy for - let alone make cakes for. This cake was for my fiance Mr D's 21st birthday a few years ago. He was, and still is, a 4x4 enthusiast. I aimed to make the style and colour a close replica of his Defender ( dents, scratches, mud and all ;] )
The basis of the cake is a chocolate sponge as Mr D is not really a fan of any other flavour! I initially used white royal icing as I don't like buying in pre-coloured icing. I then divided the icing up to keep some white and to turn the rest green or black.
NB: For dark or intense colours use food colour gel not liquid. Liquid colour ruins the consistency of the icing and this turned out quite sticky as I had to use a LOT of green colouring. If this does happen just add a dash of icing sugar to regain its old consistency.
I smeared melted chocolate up the side of the truck to imitate the mud that was on Mr D's Defender. I then grated chocolate and put it on a farmyard board to make it seem a bit more country-folk! To give the effect of windscreen washers I dipped a cocktail stick in black food colouring then pushed lightly on the icing 'window'.
I even made a black snorkel out of icing to go up the side! Ask your nearest 4x4 freak for a definition...

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