Wednesday, 3 August 2011

3 cheers for 3 tiers!

My first ever three tiered cake! 
I made this cake as a surprise for Mr D's mom who was celebrating a very special birthday. There was going to be a large number of guests so not only did I have to try and impress but it had to be big enough for everyone to have a slice!
The bottom sponge is marble cake, the middle tier is chocolate cake, and the top tier is marble cake- just for a bit of variation!
The icing is white royal icing and I coloured some of it pink and green which I later shaped into flowers, petals and vines.
The pink ribbon looks great, separates the tiers, and hides where each layer joins.
To make the leaves I used Veined Rose Leaf Plunge Cutter. You roll your icing flat, put the cutter over the icing, push down to cut the leaf out, and push a button to imprint a rose leaf vein and to release the icing from the cutter- genius!
To make the flowers I used a simple looking flower cutter which cuts the icing into almost cartoon shaped flowers. Then Mommy Young and I had to create layers of petals and gently fold each layer up, turn them out, and then pinch the bottom. We then left them to dry in the fridge for a few hours.
Tip: the easiest way to apply icing to icing? Use water and a paintbush- or Vodka! One of the alcoholic properties in Vodka dries out and holds things together like superglue. Whether you use Vodka or water, paint the back of your decoration lightly with water. Then, hold against your iced cake surface and wait for a few minutes, holding the item steadily in place. Slowly take your hands away and all should remain in place!

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