Monday, 5 December 2011

Sticky Fruit Flapjack

Definitely a winter favourite!

This flapjack is really easy to make- and takes hardly any time at all! 
You probably have most of the ingredients in your cupboards too!
175g Butter
175g Golden Syrup
175g Soft Brown Sugar
300g Oats
1 tablespoon of Cinnamon
A small sprinkling of Lemon Juice

I added chopped sticky cherries and raisins. Try adding banana and chocolate chips for something different!
Set your oven to 150 (130 Fan assisted)
In a glass bowl, measure out the butter, syrup and sugar.
Put this mixture in the microwave for 4 minutes.

In the meantime, weigh the oats out into a large bowl.
Add the cinnamon and lemon juice to the oats.

When the sugar mix is done, take out of the microwave and stir.
Pour the wet mix into the large bowl of dry mix.
Mix together well!
Add your desired filling!

Pour your mixture into a lined rectangular cake tin or slightly deep baking tray.
Flatten the mixture slightly.

Put in the oven!
Bake for 20 minutes.
After 20 minutes turn the oven up to its full heat and bake for another 5
(This gives a wonderfully crunchy top layer, whilst your flapjack remains soft and sticky inside)

Enjoy whilst warm!  (The smell wafting from your oven in the last 10 minutes will make it hard not to)
(The gannets living in my household meant there wasn't any left to cool!)
Top Tip:
For Christmas, why not try filling some small jars with homemade goods such as chocolate truffles (blog post to come soon), shortbread, gingerbread or flapjack!

*Wrap in tissue paper and add a festive bow*

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