Saturday, 8 October 2011

All In Whirls for Gooey Cinnamon Twirls!

It was about this time a month ago I was sat in the California kitchen being treated to some cinnamon whirls from Cinnabon (an American baked goods company who's signature dish is the cinnamon bun). 
So in celebration (and commiseration for myself- I'm so ready to go back!) I thought I'd give my first sweet pastry ever a go!

It was actually surprisingly easy! The recipe I followed was from 'Joy of Baking' - click here to find the recipe!
Just a few things to note:
1. I found I needed a lot more flour than the recipe stated so that the original yeast dough was not sticky
2. Half-and-half cream is a bottled American product but is essentially a half cream half milk mixture. Double cream is 48% fat; Single cream is 18% fat; whole milk has just under 4% fat. Half and half cream is 12% so its best to go for 2/3 single cream with a dash of whole milk!
3. They only needed about 20 minutes cooking time: not 25-30!
4. They are done when a toothpick comes out with no dough on, just cinnamon paste if you want it gooey like these!
Always best warm out the oven, still gooey, and with icing drizzled over the top!

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